Friday, January 14

Give Blood...

I am sure most of you have seen the "Give Blood Play Rugby" bumper stickers. Well last night was my first night of rugby practice and I am soooooo sore. We did quite a bit of conditioning since the off time has plauged the regulars with a bit of beer gut and lack of endurance. It all started off with a bit of passing till the team was present. Then we took a quick 5-6 lap run followed by some stretching for the real run. He said stretch good because we will have a nice hard 10-15 min run ahead of us. Twenty minutes in I was breathing really heavy and wondering when we would finally quit the sprint/jog session. Well it was all done in just under 30 min. I am really stoked on the fact I finally have something that will do my body good but we will see how the season plays out. The tackling dosen't seem too bad but, I am guessing there will probably be quite a few die hards out there that will be going for the kill on me as a newb. Not a problem though as I was first only intrested because I was sick of the amount of pansy whiners that play in the soccer leagues in this area. My last season with BCC soccer team was ended with half of the games I played in resulting with a red card. Thats when I was on the hunt for a new sport that was not so full of acting and whining. So here I am playing rugby and ready to get knocked around a bit. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 10

Over the weekend...

This past weekend was pretty eventful, and well spent. I started it off by meeting Tiffany at my house Friday after work. We headed out to Jeff and Nicoles apartment in Winter Park and went out for some great Japanese food at Kobe' in Altomonte Springs. As always I was very pleased and left the place ready to pop! Since we were all so stuffed we went downtown for a walk by Lake Ivanhoe. We finished off the night at Jeff and Nicoles place with a few Becks and some T.V..

The next Morning we headed out for the semi annual Surf Expo at the Orange County Convention Center. The show hasn't changed much in the past few years but this year they did improve on the skate demo. Volcom was throwing a "Nutstavaganza" with $10,000 in prize money for the winners of two different events, all held on a 60 foot wide mini ramp. There were probably close to 60- 70 riders and they were all ripping especially Carlos DeAndrade.

We later left and headed downtown to an Antique shop we had walked by the night before and looked at some old teak furniture. Nicole felt she couldn't leave without a certain coffee table so we straped into the trunk for the ride back to the apartment. We imediately put it in place then chilled out for a bit before we started on a London broil with loaded potatoes, rice, and broccoli. After dinner we went back to my place and met up with Adam and Aly then went over to a friends house for a bonfire and more beers.

Sunday was a very ralaxing end to the last weekend before school starts back up at UCF. Tiffany and I woke up and went to breakfast at 9am then came back to the house and watched Back to the Future II and III while kinda taking a nap. By the time we had enough of sitting around we haede for the beach to surf some clean knee high surf. The water was great and the sun was bright making for a fun session. On the way back we hit up Home Depot since we needed a few things. I bough some 3/4' hardwood plywood for a platform bed I was working on. We came home and I finished the bed and cleaned out my dresser of two boxes of clothing and did a total overhaul of the room. By 10:30pm Tiffany and I had just finished so we went to the living room to chill for a bit before we had to get some rest for the work/school week we had ahead of us.

Wednesday, January 5

New Year = More Updates

Okay, the New Year is here and I will will be making a concious effort trying harder to keep updating this blog so I can share so of my wonderful and not so wonderful experiences I tend to run into "day....... by day................. by day by day". If you happen to spend a second or two on this blog please drop a comment… tell me I am full of it… anything, I don’t care. It would be pretty cool to know someone is reading it ;)


Wednesday, June 30

work werk werke...

Too much of it lately.
I have been working till almost 8pm everyday for the past two weeks. I have moved my office and have been sweating like a madman setting up the new one while trying to keep up with regualr work related tasks. This is partialy why I have not posted in awhile ... not like anyone reads this anyways. I am happy to be in my new office with fresh paint and carpet. Today was the first day I have been able to catch up with my work (now that I have both of my computers and a desk set up).
I will post a pic later when we are done setting it up.


Thursday, June 17

Do you like Big trucks?

Check out these gas guzzlers. If I had one of these I would love to
crush all the local pigs. What would you do?

Its been three weeks now and this is the best yet?

Can you beleive this is the best surf our county has seen in three weeks. Well its pretty much true. The inevitable summer surf conditions has slapped in the face with another weak swell produced solely by the stiff onshore winds making for 1/2 second bumpy rides and nasty flail airs. Pray for a hurricane to come our way!

Friday, June 11

The weekend is approaching...

Well I am not sure about you all but I have my work cut out for me this weekend. I plan on re-sanding the deck of my boat to prep it for a new gel-coat. This project has been a very long one but a great learning experiance for me. I have really been amazed at how my fiberglassing skills have improved. I built a new L-shaped seat to provide more room over the old layout including two lame bench seats. The seat has two dry storage compartments including a mount for a marine CD-player. I can't wait to get it back in the water this summer and proceed to shred the nasty Indian River once again.

Monday, June 7

Well I guess I'm on the bandwagon

Now I just need to hone my computer and intellectual skills so I can keep up with the sub-culture known as blogging.

Here I go...........